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Oyoun Masr Association(OMA) is announcing a" Call For" the participation of the young soloists, bands, orchestras and ensembles of all genres of music to take part in “EgyptAble” which will be held 2016 in Alexandria, Egypt.

EgyptAble Festival is the first international underground bands Festival in Egypt. It will be a Seven-day event combining various modalities of high-level youth music productions embracing various musical styles. This large-scale event will bring together over 100 young musicians (young soloists, youth bands, and orchestras from all musical backgrounds, classical, ethnic, jazz, rock, hip-hop, reggae, oriental etc.).
As well as music teachers, cultural organizers and industry professionals will be gathered for a multilevel educational and artistic fair. As it will include workshops, seminars, open-air public concerts, music labs, and more.

The Festival will also be a meeting point for young musicians and professionals working in cultural management and related services such as; cultural NGOs, production companies, record labels, recording studios, web designers, music schools and academies from all over the World. Moreover they will share their experience and advise/train young musicians and participants on professional career development issues.

By taking part in Egypt Able International Festival, young musicians will have the opportunity to perform abroad, initiate future collaborations, meet other young musicians and organizers, to promote their work, express their opinions and learn about the critical topics in international music scene.

The Festival will be held in Cairo & Alexandria, Egypt, a beautiful seaport and resort cities with huge historical heritage.

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and a major commercial and cultural center. It is the largest city in the Arab Nations which is situated in the bifurcation of the NILE River. Cairo as a whole can be seen from the top of Cairo tower which is in the heart of Cairo city-Old Town.

Alexandria is situated at the most North edge of Egypt. There you will be able get the opportunity to meet new people from other different cultures and traditions. This will be expressed not only through music but also through its cuisine, sites and architecture.


Participants profile and Selection criteria:


The organizers are looking for applicants from soloists/groups/ensembles/orchestras with the following:

  1. 1. To be comprised of young people (18 to 38) aiming to professionally perform/work in the music/cultural industry – priority will be given to student groups that are ready to enter the job market.
  2. 2. They have already achieved themselves musically and have strong local reputation – priority will be given to established bands/ensembles, seen as ‘sustainable’.
  3. This can be demonstrated by sending your CD/demo, a nicely prepared portfolio, band photographs, website, music videos and YouTube links.
  4. 3. To be genre-specific.
  5. 4. Possible to be classified into one or more general genres and styles such as; Classical, Jazz, and Ethnic (including Arabic), Rock/Metal/Alternative, Pop, Hip-hop, etc.
  6. 5. To be oriented towards the development of young audiences and social outreach and not only towards self-promotion. Also to be interested in networking, discussing, learning and socializing.
  7. 6. To have a strong intercultural dimension – for example to consist of musicians from different countries, backgrounds, minorities or to have musical influence from different cultures, etc.
  8. 7. To be able to deal and communicate with others in English.
  9. 8. To be ready to spread the Egyptian culture in their countries.
  10. 9. To agree on putting the label of the project in their festivals, concerts, websites and materials such as T-shirts........etc.


Practical issues:

 A) The Organizer will take care of the following costs:

- Accommodation in double or triple rooms.

- Meals.

- Transportation from and to Cairo Airport.

- Foreseen local transportation (Hotel - City Centre - Hotel).

- Concerts production and promotion (except the transportation of the instruments from abroad).

- Visas (if needed) – the official invitation will be issued by organizers upon request.


B) The Participants’ responsibilities:

- To directly purchase the flight tickets from their countries to Egypt.

- To take care of their instruments transportation.

- All personal extras (drinks, food, local transportation - apart from the officially organized). 


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