Viva Revolution

“Viva revolution” a phrase uttered throughout history.

Now “Viva revolution” is echoed from the bottom of the Middle East! Indeed the mankind has witnessed a series of glorious Revolutions but nothing like The Egyptian 25th Revolution

The problem with the freedom is that it is like health, only appreciated by those who do not possess it. For 30 years Egyptians have been deprived of democracy & liberty of thought and expression. If you are a reader of history then you definitely know that oppression has to come to an end. However, Egyptians never believed the day will come to RISE. Mubarak’s Regime “temporarily” succeeded to sedate the people and force them to inhumane subordination but the time has come and when it's the time, nothing can defy the will of the people.

25th January was the spark of the Egyptian Revolution but no one can deny the role of the Tunisian Revolution in provoking the Egyptian masses to scream “enough”. On the 25th of January people gathered in El-Tahrir Square in a completely peaceful manner to Call for their grievances that included: unprecedented youth unemployment, massive corruption, grinding poverty, infrastructural decay, rising food cost, Brutality practiced by the government and a general lack of freedom and democracy. It is not a coincidence that the people chose the "El-Tahrir square” as their target place since its literal translation is “liberty square”. That choice amplified their desire for freedom. Despite The protests' peaceful manner, Mubarak’s regime resorted to violence to stifle the protest by sending the police forces. The result was a brutal clash between the unarmed protesters and the police forces. On the 28th of January, people went to the streets to join the demonstration after the Friday prayer and Boom….the unexpected happened!

Tens of millions of the Egyptians came rushing from every mosque in every corner of every street with rage uttering one thing "People Demands the Removal of the Regime" and the struggle for freedom began. The country was literally seething with angry protesters everywhere. No wonder that the 28th January was called “The Anger Friday”. In a shock, Mubarak ordered the police forces to withdraw leaving the country in a state of lawlessness to be devoured by turmoil. Unfortunately for the corrupt Regime, that didn't happen! Egyptians did their best to sustain security & to be organized. For 14 days an epic struggle took place between the protesters and the Regime. The protester' main demand was the resignation of President Mubarak but the arrogance of power deafened Mubarak’s ears to the people’s demand. He refused to step down immediately, fueling the masses further. A disappointing speech after speech was given, until finally on the 11th of February 2011 Mubarak finally stepped down ending one of the most corrupt and unjust regimes in the world.

No words can describe the joy and the sense of pride that the Egyptians felt the day Mubarak resigned from presidency. The winds of change have never blown sweeter on the land of the pharaohs. A new Egypt has been born. The eve of the greatest step down in Egypt’s history was a night of jubilation, celebration and love. People marched the streets dancing and singing freedom songs that were banned from national television to suppress the spirit of nationalism.

All the Egyptian Citizens hugged each other in the streets Children were waving flags from every window and the happiness of victory was on every face; repeating only one thing "Raise your head up high, You are Egyptian!"

Egyptians are famous for their hospitality, friendliness, kindness and lots more. However for 3 decades they have been down trodden and surrounded by corruption everywhere that directly influenced the Egyptian character in the last years. Negativity has been looming in the air stifling everything good. Egyptians have been accused with apathy, barbarism and lack of civilized manners. Consequently, thinkers have claimed that Egypt is not ready for democracy; Egyptians don’t understand the responsibility of Freedom. On the other hand, the 25th January Revolution has proved all that was wrong. The Revolution has revealed the Egyptians' true manners. Egyptians understand and cherish Freedom, If not why would they have fought for it

What is very remarkable about the 25th January Revolution is the lack of leadership. However, the demonstrations have been very well organized, civilized and peaceful. The people are the leaders of themselves. Moreover, amidst the absence of the police and traffic forces, the youth felt obliged to implement discipline and security. Youth were gathering daily cleaning the streets, organizing the traffic and protecting valuable institutions like they did before in front of the Egyptian Museum. So who would ever say that Egyptians aren’t civilized

Egypt is going through a transitional phase and is definitely in a dire need of worldwide support and the super powers to ensure the application of democracy and freedom. One of the consequences of the Revolution is the decline of tourism. A huge part of the Egyptian income is made out of tourism thus reviving it will definitely help the Egyptian society to stand on its feet again. The reinforcement of tourism will aid Egypt in its development program. Egypt’s development is an indispensable key factor in enhancing world peace in one aspect and helping the world to become a better place in the other

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